About Me

About Me? Well, if you’re around me much you know, it’s not my favorite subject. Thinking about this, you need and deserve to know, understand and relate to who I am. After all, you’re deciding if you’ve come to the right place to begin securing your future to be what you want it to be. I’ll begin by admitting I didn’t start learning until my mid-thirties. The most valuable lesson learned was this, “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude”. Without a doubt, having the right attitude is the strongest tool for success one can possess!

From early on my family was on the move. My father was a pilot, military and civilian, later on becoming an electrical design aerospace engineer. We lived in a different town each year of my early schooling, times that were a bit confusing for me. Later on, I saw the values I learned from those times and the man who raised me. I didn’t necessarily excel in school but did well with moments that pleased me. What I learned most was how to learn and with the right attitude.

I graduated high school, some college and spent time with Uncle Sam’s Marine Corp, learning a lot about me in those days. My life seemed to have kept me with a need to learn something new all the time. Money, as with most folks, is important. I learned a lot on this from a failed marriage where my “spouse” obsessed with it, sacrificed everything in pursuit of it in all the wrong ways. I learned the value of what money can do as much as buy.

What I am going to do for you here is teach you how to stop trading hours for dollars, limiting your achievement to gather wealth. I’ll help you be more productive than you now probably think possible. I will apply the skills I learned from a top achiever in Internet Marketing, James Francis, a young man with energy and principle in all he does. I will help as you learn, James will provide you Great Opportunity to create earnings to enable a lifestyle most people dream of.